Start your greenlife career with us. We are now hiring.

A career in the greenlife industry means you will meaningfully contribute to creating liveable cities, healthy environments and protecting the future of food security in Australia.

Benara Nurseries are currently seeking full time and part time nursery team members to join us at our wholesale production nursery Carabooda location.

We are looking for self-motivated hands on people who have a positive attitude, who are fit and reliable. We have 3 areas with positions vacant;

Dispatch Staff – full time

  • 8:30am till 4:30pm
  • Assembling of plant orders to customers
  • Attention to detail
  • Willing to be able to do overtime
  • Any plant knowledge an advantage

Maintenance crew – full and part time

  • 7am till 3:30pm
  • Also can suit parents for part time roles with school kids
  • Maintaining our nursery stock, weeding, staking, pruning
  • Tractor operation for some personal

Potting Crew – full time

  • 7am till 3:30pm
  • Physical role must have a reasonable level of fitness
  • Working around machinery
  • Tractor operation
  • Suits young adults or students just finishing school. Great entry level employment

These roles have the opportunity for future job progression in the horticultural industry, and for enthusiastic and motivated team members future opportunities to join our apprenticeship program. A career path in Horticulture is only limited by your interests and motivation, there are many learning pathways that be can taken.

Check out this industry overview here.

Successful applicants will also require a pair of steel capped safety boots. All others PPE (personal protective equipment) is provided.

Please note we are located in Carabooda, there is no public transport to our site.

For more information or to apply please email a resume (word doc or PDF format preferable) to

Start your greenlife career with us. We are now hiring.

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Perfect Pathways - Lawn Alternatives

Perfect Pathways, Lawn alternatives, planting blocks.

Discover our new release Perfect Pathways plant blocks! This range consists of lawn alternatives suitable for low–traffic which have been grown in block trays to make planting quick and y and provided instant impact. These plants perfect for filling the gaps between pavers. These low-maintenance, no mowing required, spreading ground covers can be cut into sections, strips or laid end to end for instant lawn alternative.

Dichondra repens

Dichondra is an excellent ground cover and will spread by putting its’ own roots where each node meets the soil, making it an ideal lawn substitute in cooler areas of Australia or in small and partly shaded gardens.


Chamomile Roman

A ground cover with cute yellow/white flowers with an aroma of apple. Ideal for dappled or semi shade areas in the afternoon. Aromatic foliage and pretty daisy flowers can be kept neat and tidy with a whipper snipper.


Mint Pennyroyal

A spreading mint, great as lawn sub. Forms a dense matting ground cover that release a strong spearmint aroma when walked on. Good to keep insects at bay.


Sagina Green

Forms a dense moss-like coverage with white flowers. Ground hugging emerald green moss, beautiful velvety feel making a luxurious carpet under foot.


Thyme Creeping

Spreading thyme with masses of mauve coloured flowers. Dense prostrate low growing ground cover with masses of pink flowers in spring. Perfect for filling spots between pathways. Highly fragrant foliage when crushed. Available online and in the Trademart now.


Perfect Pathways - Lawn Alternatives

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Kings Park Grevilleas

Kings Park is currently undergoing a plant-breeding program which breeds new varieties of plants that reflect the nature of Western Australian flora. The Grevilleas include ‘Kimberly Moon’ ‘Scarlet Moon’ ‘Honey Moon’ and ‘Outback Sunrise’ are feature prolonged flowering periods and brilliant colors from Yellow to Red.

The new grevilleas not only look spectacular but are good for the environment and easy to grow according to Kings Park’s senior plant breeder Digby Growns.

‘We want more people to grow WA plants in their home gardens. Our view is that by growing plants adapted to our environment, they will use less water, less fertiliser, provide habitat for native fauna and celebrate our unique sense of place,’ explains Digby.

Creating these cultivars requires patience and the unique expertise of Kings Park’s plant breeding experts, with each new cultivar taking up to seven years to develop.

They are ideal feature plant for water wise gardens and landscapes where they will attract birds to the area. Perfect for native gardens, waterwise and rockery gardens. Once established, responds well to pruning which helps maintain the desired shape. Requires full sun and well drained soil. Fertilize yearly with a slow release native fertilizer. Prune lightly to maintain compact shape.

Kings Park Grevilleas

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Revegetation at Benara Nurseries

Benara Nurseries are passionate about rebuilding our natural habitat which has led them to create a specialist native department with the experience and knowledge to propagate and produce the highest quality native tube stock for revegetation and landscaping projects suitable for environments covering metro and regional areas including; coastal areas, wetland and river restoration, coastal plain woodlands, Perth hills, pine forest post-harvest rehabilitation, and reclaimed farmland.

Answering needs that are both technical and aesthetic, our experienced propagator has the ability to produce most swan coastal plain species and beyond. Our expert horticulturists are able to grow smaller, provenance specific revegetation stock through to large scale volume growing contracts.

Revegetation stock is always more adaptable if grown from seed, we strive to break the dormancy and solve the secrets of those hard to grow species that have such a high value for the rehabilitation of native bush land.

To continue to advance and develop growing of the finest quality best value plants, the ability to innovate is critical. Through consultation and collaboration with key staff, industry specialists and calling on the wealth of knowledge and experience from senior generations, we continue to improve our efficiency and systems to ensure the most suitable plants are supplied.

Contact our team today to learn more.

Revegetation at Benara Nurseries

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Introducing The Queen Lavender

Lavender The Queen (PBR) is an exceptional showpiece to have in any garden. The superior volume of darkest-pink gigantic wings at the tips of the flower spikes is definitely a 'crowning' glory! The flower heads are two-toned, deep burgundy heads with lilac bracts, and will repeat flower after the initial spring flush.

The masses of flowers are supported by the compact plant of nicely contrasting grey-green foliage. This beautiful Queen of Lavenders, when planted in stately pots in courtyards, as a border around raised beds or along driveways will add a real elegance to any home. Also great as mass plantings. Perfect for cottage gardens this sure-fire winner is both cold and heat hardy.

Ideal in rockeries for that added long-lasting colour and a great addition in those sometimes difficult coastal areas. Removal of spent flowers will encourage further displays. Lavender The Queen will tolerate dry periods but appreciates a good soaking if those are extended periods.

Introducing The Queen Lavender

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