Our story

Since 1963 Benara Nurseries has been commercially growing high quality, wholesale plants. As a family owned and operated horticultural business we pride ourselves on being plant specialists and understanding the needs of our clients, excellent customer service and professional product support. Today, Benara Nurseries has grown to 520 acres, with just over 300 acres under full production and cared for by more than 350 staff. Dedicated to the highest standards of horticulture, we utilise the very latest advances and innovations in plant growth.

Benara Today

We grow an extensive range of high quality plants, from seedlings to ornamental and native shrubs and trees, through to advanced semi mature trees.

We are the leading destination in plant supply for both garden retailers and the wider landscape industry throughout Australia.

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Our History

Win James, the founder of Benara Nurseries and an inspiration to all Benara employees. Win retired from full-time work at age 83, a truly stout example of hardworking ethics.

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Our Vision

"At the heart of Benara Nurseries - our vision is to create both a working and business environment that not only reflects but enriches our industry."

– Carole Fudge Sales and Marketing Manager