Our services

Benara Nurseries have been growing plants for the past 50 years and have become a full-service nursery with specialist growers and consultants in the following services.

Seedling Division

Benara Nurseries' seedling nursery is considered to be one of the most modern and automated seedling nurseries in Australia. Using soil pasteurisation, germination chambers, roller benches, robotic planting machines and boom watering facilities.

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Contact Growing

We specialise in contract growing trees, plants and seedlings. Our experienced horticultural consultants and production staff can discuss and plan any growing requirements you may have.

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Forestry & Revegetation

Benara Nurseries are passionate about rebuilding our natural habitat which led us to create a specialist native department with the experience and knowledge to propagate and produce the highest quality native tube stock for revegetation.

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Distribution & Delivery

Our own transport fleet ensures plants are delivered to site with great care and arrive in the best possible condition. Landscapers' requests are met as much as possible, and regular visits to retailers throughout the week ensures constant top ups of fresh nursery stock.

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We provide a dedicated service at our two Trademarts, conveniently located north and south of the Swan River. Our Trademarts provide easy access to our extensive range of assorted plant varieties, seedlings, advanced feature trees and more.

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Our goal is to build a great industry resource of plant information, education and advice, current trends, and the development of technology. We will be posting interesting industry insights along with new release plants and upcoming projects.

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