Perth's Revegetation Wholesale Suppliers
We are passionate about rebuilding our natural habitat, which led us to create a specialist native revegetation department. With the experience and knowledge to propagate and produce the highest quality native tube stock for revegetation and landscaping projects, suitable for environments covering metro and regional areas including; coastal areas, wetland and river restoration, coastal plain woodlands, Perth hills, pine forest post-harvest rehabilitation, and reclaimed farmland.

Answering needs that are both technical and aesthetic, our experienced propagation team have the ability to produce most swan coastal plain species and beyond. Our expert horticulturists are able to grow smaller, provenance specific revegetation stock through to large scale volume growing contracts.

Revegetation stock is always more adaptable if grown from seed, we strive to break the dormancy and solve the secrets of those hard to grow species that have such a high value for the rehabilitation of native bush land.

To continue to advance and develop growing of the finest quality best value plants, the ability to innovate is critical. Through consultation and collaboration with key staff, industry specialists and calling on the wealth of knowledge and experience from senior generations, we continue to improve our efficiency and systems to ensure the most suitable plants are supplied. Some of these methods include:

  • Mass produce reeds and sedges or hand produce more delicate species.
  • All stock produced is air pruned providing a far higher survival rate for revegetation projects.
  • All our stock received 6 to 8 months of slow release fertiliser, so your plants will receive good nutrition even after the plants have been planted out.
  • Eco-hort accreditation and regular phytophthora testing ensures the highest possible nursery standards and hygiene.
  • We continually trial new and recalcitrant species.