Kings Park Grevilleas

Kings Park is currently undergoing a plant-breeding program which breeds new varieties of plants that reflect the nature of Western Australian flora. Their new Grevillea Collection includes the 'moon series' (Karijini Moon, Kimberly Moon, Scarlet Moon, Honey Moon), the 'dream series' (Aphrodite's Dream, Gelato Dream, Raspberry Dream, Ruby Dream and Tangerine Dream), Brush Tail Red, Coverall, Pink Profusion, Red Coral, Showtime, City Lights and Outback Sunrise

The new Grevilleas feature prolonged flowering periods in brilliant colors from yellow and orange through to red and pink. They not only look spectacular but are good for the environment and easy to grow, according to Kings Park’s senior plant breeder Digby Growns.

‘We want more people to grow WA plants in their home gardens. Our view is that by growing plants adapted to our environment, they will use less water, less fertiliser, provide habitat for native fauna and celebrate our unique sense of place,’ explains Digby.


Creating these cultivars requires patience and the unique expertise of Kings Park’s plant breeding experts, with each new cultivar taking up to seven years to develop. Their unique cylindrical or toothbrush blooms make for an ideal feature plant in native, waterwise and rockery gardens or in landscapes where they will attract birds and nectar-loving insects to the area.


Once established, Grevilleas respond well to light pruning which helps to maintain the desired shape. They require full sun and well drained soil, and work well in mixed garden beds. Fertilise yearly with a slow release native fertiliser. 

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Kings Park Grevilleas

Kings Park Grevilleas