AEONIUM Short Black

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    Aeonium Short Black is a curiously striking succulent, with its plump fleshy rosettes perched above its sturdy branches. This plant forms deep burgundy to black foliage which deepens with added exposure to sunlight. Aeonium Short Black is easy to grow and provides stunning contrast in the garden or landscape. Its name originates from the fact that it does not grow as high in comparison to other Aeonium, and its identifiably deep black foliage. This plant is well suited for uses such as containers, pots and also rockeries. Aeonium Short Black is hardy and drought tolerant and prefers exposure to full sun. Plant in well draining soils to promote healthy growth. Aeonium short black requires minimal maintenance. Water well until established and ensure you do not over water during winter months. Ensure Aeonium Short Black is protected from frost. Aeonium Short Black can grow to a height and width of 60cm.
    Plant Type Evergreen, Outdoor, Perennial, Shrub, Succulent, Verge, Vertical Gardens
    Dimensions 50-60cm high x 30-60cm wide
    Sunlight Full Sun
    Bird/Wildlife Attracting No
    Foliage Colour Black, Maroon, Purple
    Botanical Genus Aeonium
    Botanical Species arboreum
    Flower Type Terminal Clusters
    Foliage Type Spatulate - Spoon-shaped
    Market Name Short Black
    Width 60 cm
    Height 60 cm

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AEONIUM Short Black

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AEONIUM Short Black
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