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A large area of the nursery is dedicated to the production of advanced trees and shrubs, including quality Australian and exotic trees up to a 500lt bag size. With local WA knowledge and three generations of family business experience in the nursery industry, Benara Nurseries has lead the way with many innovations in production and delivery of advanced trees. These methodologies are constantly reviewed and new ideas explored to make sure we are growing the best quality trees for projects throughout Australia.

Benara assign dedicated key staff to look after all aspects of our advanced tree production to meet stringent quality standards and planting schedules required by our customers.

Benara Nurseries grows all trees in compliance with the Australian Standard Tree Stock for Landscape Use AS 2303:2018  Tree Stock for Landscape Use.

Quality control begins at the earliest stage of production. Whether stock is propagated by seed or cutting. All measures are undertaken to ensure the final product is strong and healthy. Stock is grown in stages, i.e. gradually from one pot size to another to ensure proper root development and plant growth. The plants are individually selected for potting according to the strength, size and quality. Once in the advanced pots/bags, they are maintained off the ground in water saving saucers. They are also potted with a slow release fertilizer to encourage ongoing growth and development. Trees are planted in purpose made rows for consistency, ease of maintenance and inspections. All trees are inspected regularly during this growing period to ensure they meet the stringent requirements of the Australian Standards both for root development and overall growth.

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